MMA, a fighter and UFC veteran Rodrigo Goiano de Lima was killed in Brazil after an argument with a truck driver.
According to a report by UFC world record holder Michel Prazeres to the MMA Fighting Authority, Rodrigo de Lima was in a Uber at a gas station in Belem, Brazil, with some of his friends when an argument broke out with the driver. ”
UOL says de Lima was sitting in the car with four people when an argument broke out.
He reportedly got off with another passenger, Jader Barbalho, before leaving the scene after an argument with the driver who then hit Mr de Lima.
Eduardo Rollo, the deputy head of the local civilian police force, said the suspect had been identified, but there was no warrant for his arrest yet, according to the report
He was last seen at the Brazil Shooto in June last year when he beat Luiz Fabiano with a backhand down the stretch.
He appeared only twice in the UFC Octagon, dropping both balls backward.
Lima used to be a jungle-fighter in the heavy (dpa).